Autism Alert Card

Autism Anglia has produced an Autism Alert card in conjunction with Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire constabularies and Bedfordshire Police.

If you or a person you know has been diagnosed as having an autism spectrum condition you can apply for the free alert card. The wallet or purse sized card will alert the police and emergency services that the person carrying it has a condition that may require special attention.

The card should always be carried and can be displayed if the owner finds themselves in a position where they cannot easily give an explanation about a situation or their condition. It will assist the police and emergency services to identify that they are dealing with someone who has autism. The card also gives some simple advice, the cardholders name and a space for two emergency contact numbers.

Autism Anglia are also providing information, advice and training to the Police and other emergency services to give them a better understanding of autism. The information they provide gives practical advice for situations they could commonly encounter.

Contact information

Telephone: 01206 577678