A4H Social Course

Aspergers 4 Herts currently run teen social events for two groups of 10 teenagers, once every month. Those attending the group must have a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and be between 13 and 19 years old. The teen social groups are very friendly, fun and are also free, although we do refer to a series of events as ‘a course’.

We recognise that it is sometimes difficult for individuals to step outside their routines, and in some cases physically difficult for them to take part in certain activities and meet new people. So to this end we have split out our year-long course into two; the first six months being aimed at getting the members together, trying some of the many different things we do, and really just becoming familiar with each other.

All we ask is that if youngsters commit to a course, they do in fact attend the events, and when there – have a go! Though it really doesn’t matter if when they step on a trampoline they just bob up and down, or if, when they stand on the first step of the rock climbing face they can’t go any further; they have put the harness on and tried, which is a massive achievement in itself.

By the second six months of the course our hope is that the teenagers will know the names of the rest of their group and feel they fit well together as a team; we also hope they will feel that they are doing these fun activities with like-minded people and possibly want to take one up as a hobby with their new friends. As an additional benefit, they may also learn what activities are available within their community. Some of the activities the members did in 2012 included: horse-riding, bell boating, rock climbing, go-carting, trampolining, table tennis and fun rings.

We do have a waiting list for our courses, but please do put your name down and we will contact you as soon as there is a place available at the start of a new session.

Contact information

Email: teens@aspergers4herts.org

Our parents are often apprehensive for their children when they start but this very soon subsides. We would love your comments on our service, please feel free to drop us a line at info@aspergers4herts.org